Boss Automotive

Lease Plan Purchase

Boss Lease Plan Purchase is another funding option, unlike Hire Purchase this finance has a Residual Value Balloon payment built into the finance, reducing the monthly cost.

The Residual Value Balloon is a deferred payment, which is not guaranteed. There are no mileage restrictions to this finance, but the fixed monthly finance payments are based upon an assumed annual mileage, which the Residual Value Balloon is based upon. There is no excess mileage payment applicable, but exceeding the assumed mileage will have an effect on the vehicles resale value.

At the end of the vehicles agreement, the Residual Value Balloon payment is payable; on full payment the vehicles ownership is moved to the you or your business.

The vehicle can be returned to Boss and the vehicle will be sold at its market trade value. Note if the vehicles value is less than the Residual Value Balloon payment a balance will be required.

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