Boss Automotive

Car Schemes

One of the most efficient, cost and tax effective ways of operating a car fleet today is through an approved Car Scheme.

In the current tax climate, having a company car is not the most tax-efficient method for a business or its employees.

There are numerous types of schemes available and many claim to provide massive savings. Often, however, these savings do not materialise and the scheme can become heavy in payroll time, over complicated and hard to operate.

Boss Intelligence operate two basic schemes, both are:

  • Designed to meet your business requirements
  • Allow you to keep control
  • Based upon the ECO and Tax Efficient Car Schemes, which meets the required Inland Revenue approved finance requirements
  • Easy to implement and operate
  • Low in payroll time
  • Able to produce achievable savings, with an option to include Duty of Care

These schemes are also available for small fleets.

For additional information or to discuss how Boss can reduce your business costs call the Free Intelligence Hotline on 0800 389 6713.